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Residential Renovation

The professionals at Tarazhi restorations are reliable and dedicated to each project. We recognize the value of our customers and want to ensure that each project is completed on time and in accordance to customers' desires.


We care because it is our reputation that propelled us to become the success story we are today.

Why us?

We gladly share our experience so you can get the perfect renovation. Whether you use us or not, we feel driven to share our knowledge so you can be empowered to find a great contractor and get a great renovation for your family home.


Not all tradesmen are professionals. We've found that we tend to attract people that think like us. They insist on doing things right the first time.

Permit Application

Permits & Approvals


Find out the types of work that -  

Require a building permit

Do not require a permit

Building's FASTRACK & Commercial 

Learn about Building Regulations

What are the consequences of working without a permit?


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